Vertical ascent


Riding your bike from Geraardsbergen, Belgium to Meteora, Greece is a challenge on it's own, but The Transcontinental (TCR) likes to raise the bar even further. First of all, participants have to complete the race completely solo and self-supported - outside help is not allowed. Furthermore, during the race, you'll have to pass four checkpoints, raising the total distance to roughly 4000 kilometers. And because it's a competition, you'll have to be in somewhat of a hurry: riders have 18 days to finish. If you do the math, you'll know what that means: on average 222 kilometers per day.


The path of least resistance

A 4000 kilometer long race without a set route gives you a lot of freedom in choosing your own path, but it also comes with a big challenge: how do you create the optimal route? Everybody who has tried planning a bike route through a online route planner, knows this can lead to a few […]


“You are out of your mind.” “But where will you sleep?” “Why would you even want to do that?” “You’re an idiot.” Let’s say that most people weren’t as enthusiastic as I had hoped when I announced that I would be riding the Transcontinental. Okay, I’ll admit, on paper it sounds like an idiotic plan: […]

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In the upcoming fifth edition of The Transcontinental the race route leads from Geraardsbergen, Belgium, to Meteora, Greece. On the way, four checkpoints need to be passed. Between those checkpoints, riders are free to choose their own route. Because of this, the race doesn't have a set distance, but most participants will have to ride about 4000 kilometers to reach the finish in Greece.

About me

I'll be honest: I have been riding bikes all my life, but I have zero experience with multi-day long distance cycling. And yet I want to find out whether there is an ultra endurance racer somewhere hidden in me. Cycling has been an integral part of my upbringing; back home the shed was always bursting at the seams with bikes. My love for bikes proved so strong, that I ended up turning my hobby in to my profession as a marketing specialist at Specialized Bicycles. This summer however, me and my bike will face the ultimate relationship test: the Transcontinental.